Central air conditioning

 Why the central air conditioning system need cleaning maintenance

Central air-conditioning cleaning including central air conditioning ventilation system cleaning and central air conditioning water treatment.


Central air conditioning ventilation system mainly includes the duct, air tube, central air conditioning wind ark, outlet and inlet, air handling units, fan coil, etc. Is ignored for the central air duct cleaning, long since been used in two or three years of air duct inside already by bacteria, dust, oil dirties. Only for the central air conditioning duct system for the comprehensive cleaning, clean air disinfection can provide good quality. After SARS in the central air cleaning, can make the office buildings, hospitals, shops, hotels, factories and other public places set up to prevent the virus through the air duct cross infection control and prevention system, completely eliminate perennial sources of the existence of hidden dangers.


Central air conditioning water system is divided into cooling water system and freezing water system, the cooling water system mainly by the cooling tower heat dissipation. The spatter in cooling tower water into numerous small water droplets or flow in the filler surface into a membrane, fully exposed to air, the air of a large amount of dust and microorganism, soluble salts and corrosive gas into the cooling water, make water impurity concentration increased; In addition because the water to evaporate, leakage, flying, and the impurity concentration in the water, it will cause a lot of harm of central air conditioning system running. The chilled water system, due to the corrosive and easy to block, coil unit and pipeline corrosion in the attachment, affect normal operation of system.


1) the central air-conditioning duct cleaning


Along with the development of today's society, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, more and more places, such as stars, senior buildings, factories, shopping malls, business center and other public places generally used for central air conditioning system of indoor air temperature, humidity, air velocity and so on for effective adjustment, to meet people on indoor working environment and living environment comfortable space.


But when you are wandering in the four spring-like environment, can you realize that without regular cleaning of central air conditioning could spread the disease. Air conditioning and indoor environment pollution has become our health stealth killer -- -- -- -- --


As early as in 1983, the world health organization (who) was named a new disease: the sick building syndrome. The disease refers to people who work indoors for a long time of headache, dizziness, eye irritation, throat dry, itching, irritation, bosom frowsty, be agitated, inattention, and a series of physical discomfort symptoms; And long-term work indoors more discomfort symptoms, it is usually due to indoor new wind force defect caused by hypoxia. In fact, for a modern building, for the new air volume are through strict scientific computing and had enough allowance, if no special reason caused the lack of fresh air volume is impossible. Therefore, the real cause these symptoms chief culprit is not a new air volume of sin, but to the indoor air quality! Many causes of urban "sick building syndrome", central air conditioning ventilation system is the culprit, prevent and reduce the incidence of sick building syndrome, improve indoor air quality is the key. With the world health organization (who), according to a statistics of indoor air pollution caused by the disease 5 times more than outdoor pollution causes disease.


Since the SARS outbreak in 2003, the sanitary condition of central air conditioning system cause the attention of the relevant departments and more users, especially the duct system of large amount of dust is worrying, such as the SARS virus attached on the dust, through the central air conditioning ventilation system of mutual transmission, is produced in between each group or individual cross infection, so the regular system in central air-conditioning duct cleaning is particularly important.


2) fan coil cleaning


Central air conditioning host after refrigeration send 7 degrees of water to fan coil units, fan coil in exchange became 15-16 degrees after the cold wind, so that reduce the room temperature. Atmospheric dust particles a lot, however, under the effect of long-term smoking, return air, the air blower of aluminum fin dust dirt, at that moment, on the one hand affect the chilled water and hot air heat makes the air temperature drops affected; On the other hand are cooled after heat exchange is also influenced by the cold air is sent out, due to open the air conditioning room is still not cold phenomenon. So, central air conditioning usage for a period of time (usually 1 to 2 years), it must to clean fan aluminum fin, in order to solve these problems.


Process of aluminum fin cleaning fan must first remove the fan motor and impeller, can helping to examine whether motor, capacitor burn out. Summer cooling, due to the condensed water, into the condensate drain when in the tray, prone to bacteria and algae, blocking condensate drain, so deal with tray for cleaning and sterilizing alga and other maintenance work.


For fan coil set water after cleaning, disinfection sterilization, and condensate pipe dredge, water pan is regularly in the fan coil placed fan coil disinfection sterilization, can prevent blocking pipe because of bacteria and algae breeding. Fan coil units at the same time the wind machine impeller and volute and motor, shaft unpick and wash, such as dust removal. Fan coil after cleaning, the increase of ventilation rate, central air conditioning effect is good, good indoor air quality and noise reduce, electricity, the condensate fluid.


3) the central air conditioning water treatment


Central air conditioning duct system is the basic of closed cycle back, air circulation reflux time and time again, as in others bathed in the bathtub to take a shower, less and less clean water, bath crock is becoming more and more dirty, mutual infection, a vicious cycle. Central air conditioning duct system is the same. It at the entrance of air from the ventilation system on the one hand, contaminated air into the outdoor and the exchange of air inside the building, indoor and outdoor air duct and pipe in automobile exhaust, pollen, virus, dead insects, and even a dead mouse (these mice are leakage when installation or maintenance tuyere down), after death, decay, reeking and bacteria. And office copiers, computers and other equipment, carbon emissions, jointly launched the volatile organic compounds. These things sparked some short term and long term illness, cause staff have a headache, sore throat, shoulder and neck pain, fatigue and other symptoms, sometimes cause some allergic diseases.




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